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From the New York theater and Hollywood film to concert halls and jazz clubs across the country, Bruce and Scott have come together to create songs with extraordinary range, depth and power.

Individually, Bruce and Scott have spent tens of thousands of hours practicing their respective crafts, writing and music.  They have recently discovered they love working together.  They are reaping the benefits of all that practice.  Their mastery makes it all feel easy. 

It feels like playing hooky. 

They are available to accept commissions, to write for and be involved with the projects of other masterful collaborators.

Please visit the samples page for a listen to the depth and range of their work.

Bruce Gelfand, words

Scott Warner, music

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Bruce and Scott are proud to feature four of the Bay Area’s finest vocalists on this site: Natasha Miller, Petra Luna,Tami Dahbura, and Pierce Peter Brandt 

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