songwriters Bruce Gelfand and Scott Warner

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Good guys win

Dreams come true

You love me

I love you

Life is a gift

All tied up with a bow

Well, yes

And no

I am a flower

With the means to grow

The means to presume

The means to know

To deserve what I keep

And reap what I sow

Well, yes

And no

    The Should Books tweet us do right -

    It shall be done to you

    The Could Cooks feed us dream bright -

    And they will all come true

    But life is so much more

    To be open to...

So clap your hands for Tinkerbelle

Learn to love and trust

Take your leap - just be sure

The water’s deep enough

Show up - do your work

Work hard and let it go

There’s magic in your hands

There’s genius in your soul

Believe with all your heart

Cause believing makes it so...

Well, no

And yes

Yes and No

© 2010 by Bruce Gelfand and Scott Warner


Tami Dahbura, vocal  Scott Warner, piano