songwriters Bruce Gelfand and Scott Warner

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Pierce Peter Brandt, vocal  Scott Warner, piano

I can decipher

The mystery of fire,

There are reasons the stars shine above

But how to compute

The square root of a man

Who’s never learned how to love

I can easily fathom

The heart of an atom

When it’s smashed and heated and spun

But how do you scan

The heart of a man

Who has never known how to love

        I'm an absolute genius

        When canoodling with Venus

        Would you like to know Jupiter's weather?

        But I'm lost on the path

        Of that moth-eaten math

        Where one into one is forever

Scores I settle

With the half-life of metal

I’ll break them all down to the blood

What I can’t understand

Is the half-life of a man

Who never learns how to love

© 2010 by Bruce Gelfand and Scott Warner