songwriters Bruce Gelfand and Scott Warner

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Grass wasnʼt green, streets werenʼt clean

But the trees reached up to the stars

There was a modest flat in a crazy town

It wasnʼt fancy, at least it was ours

I believe

In America

Door were locked in every house on the block

The neighbors would fight and cuss

When the going got tough, the tough got going

The tough who got going was us

I believe

In America

        There was a world of dreams to choose

        A promise with each one

        If you tried hard you couldnʼt lose

        If you played fair you always won

                But freedom comes with a tether

                Every blessing is also a curse

                Think yourself so much better

                You can become so much worse

                I believe

                In America

We are young, we are bright - we are not always right

Our best can always be better

However bad the news, what we never lose

Is the heart that goes on forever

I believe

In America

I believe

In America


performed by Petra Luna w/full band

© 2010 by Bruce Gelfand and Scott Warner