songwriters Bruce Gelfand and Scott Warner

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Natasha Miller, vocal  Scott Warner, piano

Your eyes are the dream

I’ve been having for years

My heart is the home

For all of your fears

We have so much to give

And so much to get

And yet

And yet

You’ll turn off your light

Disappear in the distance

My heart will shut tight

Like Scrooge on Christmas

Shocking how quickly

We can disconnect

And yet

And yet

        If the sky was always blue

        If the sun never set

        If we could sing in the rain

        Without getting wet

        If only love was so easy

        And simple to perfect...

        And yet

        And yet

We keep doing it and ruining it

So bad is our best

Heavenly bodies collide

In one helluva mess

Love’ll test what you know

And best what you’ve got

It’ll take all you give

And leave you to rot

It’s crazy it’s stupid

Till part do us death...

And yet

And yet...

© 2010 by Bruce Gelfand and Scott Warner