songwriters Bruce Gelfand and Scott Warner


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From the moment that we met

The luscious lie was true

For every soul there is a mate

If there's me there must be you

Everywhere you've ever been

Everything you do

I want to know

All things you

I want yours to be the face I see

When I wake up every day

When the work is done, I'll be the one

To ask you out to play

The fears, the dreams, the in-betweens

The one you whisper to

The secrets of

All things you

        The way you take a stand

        Like a woman of the world

        The way you take my hand

        Like a frightened little girl

        The way you key the light you see

        The way you free right through

        The way you’re true

        To me

Up and down, and around and around

We will dance the dance we do

Let me be the one you test

Let me be the place you rest

Let my life be the one that’s blessed

By all the things you do

I’m here to love

All things you

© 2010 by Bruce Gelfand and Scott Warner


performed by Petra Luna w/full band